What are the four major types of asthma and how they can be treated in 2020 ?

What are the four major types of asthma and how they can be treated in 2020 ?
What are the four major types of asthma and how they can be treated in 2020

Asthma is a disorder that is related to the air pathways on a human. Although asthma is caused since childhood adults too can have asthma in the later stages of their life. It is an immune disorder that causes inflammation of the airways due to which the airways get narrowed. These airways get narrowed leading to the symptoms of asthma. 

But thankfully asthma can be treated and the best way for this is to cure it using an asthalin inhaler. There are generally 4 major types of asthma. This are-

  1. Mild intermittent asthma
  2. Mild persistent asthma
  3. Moderately persistent asthma
  4. Severe persistent asthma

We will now be looking at each one of them in detail and how they can be cured-

Mild intermittent asthma

This the mildest form of asthma. This is the earliest stage of asthma that does not even require the use of an asthalin inhaler expect in a few rare cases. The symptoms of asthma are only a few times per month, say two to three times. And the symptoms are also mild and not severe. A typical example would include mild breathing difficulty and coughing. But the problem is that type of asthma generally goes undetected. 

This is also the type of asthma that is generally seen in most of the patients. People with a family history of asthma, allergies, overweight, or exposure to allergens are the probable causes that you have mild intermittent asthma. 

How can you cure it?

You don’t have to use your inhalers. It is very good for you that you have regular breathing exercises and maintain distance from the probable allergens. This will help you to keep safe. If you want you can take ketosteril tablets too.

Mild persistent asthma

This asthma is somewhat more persistent than the mild intermittent form of asthma. The symptoms of asthma can be around 5 times every month. You generally don’t have asthma symptoms every day but you can have it once per week. 

The symptoms of this type of asthma include wheezing, coughing, inflammation of the airways, mucus formation in the pathways, and tightness of the chest. 

How to cure it?

For mild persistent asthma, your doctor might ask you to have ketosteril medicines or other forms of corticosteroid medications. During the once per week asthma attack your doctor might also suggest you on using rescue inhalers that have to be taken only during an asthma attack. 

If the cause of your asthma attack is allergies then the doctor will give you some allergy preventing medicines. Allergies by the way can trigger asthma attacks unknowingly. Asthma attacks in mild persistent asthma are not severe. 

What are the four major types of asthma and how they can be treated in 2020
What are the four major types of asthma and how they can be treated in 2020

Moderate persistent asthma

This type of asthma is the one that should be enough to make you feel concerned a bit. This is the third most severe category on the list. If you have this category of asthma then you are bound to have an asthma attack on most days or maybe even once every day. 

The symptoms are nothing new but the same as the above two. But it is the severity level that might be worrying. You might even experience severe asthma attacks a couple of times in a month. This is new here is that you might experience asthma symptoms during the night and feel sleeplessness. Generally, such types of asthma are common to people who have a family history of asthma. 

How to cure it?

For curing moderate persistent asthma doctors generally ask patients to take asthalin inhaler regularly, generally once every day. The dose of the inhaler might also be higher than the previous two types of asthma. Apart from this, you have to maintain certain precautions such using PPE kits, allergy or flu vaccinations, etc. You can also take corticosteroid medicines using ketosteril tablets. 

Severe persistent asthma

This is the most severe form of asthma. People suffering from the fourth and the highest grade of asthma also called severe persistent asthma might have several asthma attacks during the same day. Even you might have asthma attacks during the night. This type of asthma does not develop overnight or suddenly within a few months. 

People have either neglected it while the asthma was still at a nascent stage or the medicines did not give the expected results and asthma kept worsening over the years. 

People on this list have to take several doses of asthalin inhaler during the day. The doctor might also ask you to have ketosteril pills. For such types of persons, normal inhalers won’t work. 

How is it treated?

High-grade rescue inhalers might be needed. The list of precautions might overwhelm you and your life might be a lot different than a common person. For you, simple activities such as running a bit, getting out in the cold weather, or even exposure to slight dust might prove to be fatal.

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